God is at work

by David R. KellyGodatWork

Let us not forget that God is at work. Often we try to compare our knowledge with God’s knowledge, this is really insane. And then sometimes we think we are trusting in God and we are really just trusting in our reasoning. Remember Matthew 14, the beheading of John the Baptist at King Herod’s command because of a request from his daughter at her birthday party all prompted by her mom, Jesus heard the news, John was dead, he got in a boat and left, he went a performed a miracle, the feeding of the five thousand, where they gave bread, to the one we call the Living Water, who in turn gave them more than they had invested. Here we see a small gesture of faith in God returned in overwhelming fashion; Jesus after this put the disciples in a boat and retreated to the mountains to pray. But as Jesus saw the disciples boat being tossed by the waves in the middle of the night, He went out on the water to them, at first thinking He was a ghost they were afraid but, Jesus said be not afraid,do not worry, trust me, know me, and Peter said Lord if it is really you let me walk out on water, thinking this was an act of faith, Peter was trusting in the miracle not having faith in the one able to do miraculous things. Once Peter realized he was on the water he panicked, he doubted, he was unsure if it was possible and he started to sink, He cried out “Lord Save Me.”

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Gobble up your addictions

by David R. Kelly

I can only imagine that it is like a bad disease, or addiction.florida

Even though I have never been deathly ill physically, not addicted to anything other than coca-cola and sports on cable, I can only imagine that turkey hunting is very similar to being told you have a deathly illness or a deadly addiction.

In Florida it is hard not to tell when Spring has sprung. The scent of orange blossoms blow the promise of golden orange tangy liquid sweetness soon to be a freshly squeezed reality in country kitchens across the state. Oak blossoms gradually turn brown and fall covering the ground and brown leaves in the hammocks as the Oak trees are beaming brightly with a shiny green like the little leprechauns we see in March.

Birds are building nests and singing while they work, flowers are popping out flowers with an array of wonderful colors, and here in the sunshine state the humidity is starting to rise just about as high as the temperatures. Bass fishing is reaching a fevered pitch, deer are dropping their antlers and the honey bees are hard at work.

Meanwhile as the dawn breaks bringing all these things into fruition at the top of a lonesome pine, most likely the tallest in the forest, rings out a clamoring noise that causes grown men to become giddy like middle school boys after their first kiss, a noise that cause tough rugged men to get more goosebumps then seeing their daughter walk down the aisle,(well a close second.)this noise is so riveting, so invigorating, so exhilarating it will send 200lb plus men sprinting through swamps to close ground and get close to it.

This noise is the sound a male turkey makes, mostly in the Spring, a gobble.

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