Roses, Chocolates or Cards?

by Richard L. Burguet

Well, what’s it going to be this year?  Will it be roses, chocolate, a card, jewelry, lingerie, a new car?  We have been preconditioned to celebrate Valentines Day, and it all started with your Kindergarten Teacher!  You remember the February classroom activity, right?  She handed out brown paper lunch bags, and told everyone to decorate them, and put their name on the bag.  Then she hung them up along the wall in the room at just the right height.  Next came the card making or card buying exercise, and decisions as to who got the “special card” from you.  Delivery time was filled with nervous laughter and excitement as you put the cards into your classmate’s Valentine’s bags, then checked to see how your bag was filling.  At last, you got the go-ahead to open your bag, and see who had given you the coveted Valentine card that said “love” on it, not to mention the little candy treats.  The only thing you could think about for the rest of the day was the little girl who put that card in your sack and that “your life would never be the same . . . ”

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No Jumping Out Of The Plane For Me!

by Rev. Richard Burguet

How will you respond when a loved one gets the soul-crushing news that they have an illness that may not be cured? Will you go into the rescue-savior mode, and try to fix it?  Will you go into depression and despair?  Will you face that awful diagnosis with denial?  I guess you won’t actually know what your response might be until you face that news in reality.  I have walked beside so many who have gotten a hard diagnosis, and have responded in one of those ways.  Admittedly, what we usually do is cycle through most all of those responses.  Over the years I have found that I learn best by watching what other people do.  Let me share my experience as a man who has walked through the hard diagnosis with more that a few, and observed life.

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